02 May 2012

Dormer Addition

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We recently finished this project where we added a dormer to the home providing more light and a very nice space for the home owners. 

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  1. Lynn Kellner says:

    Love your work Mike! Still loving our floors!

  2. Brittany hochwind says:

    How much did this project cost?

    • MRohrer says:

      Sorry for the severely late response. I just took over the site today and didn’t see this message until this morning 🙁 The whole project was about 45,000 including all the builtins

  3. Paul casas says:

    What’s your cost without built ins and I will insulate and panel inside.

  4. jim raycroft says:

    Nice work . How long did this project take? Can you get in touch abut a possible dormer project.
    Jim Raycroft

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