16 Nov 2010

Kitchen Make Over

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  1. Dean Hoffman says:

    Still can not believe what Mike was able to do with our kitchen. It is not until you look at the before and after pictures that you notice it. The pictures are awesome but does capture all the fine detail work that was done. To those looking for great construction company that goes the extra mile for perfection this is your contractor. The walls and floor in this room were not square or level, but you would not know it after Mike was done and the pictures do not capture all the detail work (tile, trim molding and lacing in of wood floor). His attention to detail and engineering background are priceless and helped keep our job moving. Finally and probably most important was that as the general contractor he ensureed all subs completed work to perfection. His level of review and satisfaction was even greater than mine and eliminated me having to deal with it!

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